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Poster WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 2 : RAW 659 2022

WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 2 : RAW 659 2022

1. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio 2. Intercontinental Championship CM Punk vs. William Regal (with Layla) 3. Kane vs. Randy Orton (with Cody Rhodes) 4. Women's Tag Team Match Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall vs. Kelly Kelly and Melina 5. Shawn Michaels (with JBL) vs. John Cena JBL's limo pulls up. Inside JBL tells Michaels that tonight he's not fighting for the championship, he's fighting for JBL. And Michaels should consider this his WrestleMania. Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring. She talks about the upcoming Royal Rumble and the return of Vince McMahon. Before she can continue, Chris Jericho comes down. He calls Stephanie a liar and that she doesn't want her dad to come back and she will lose her place as GM and will give everything Chris Jericho wants to him. Steph tells him that if he spent as much time worrying about his own career as much as her leadership skills he would still be World Champion. She then tells him to stop worrying about the Rumble and get ready for his match tonight. Jericho tells her that he will not compete again unless the title is at stake and he won't lower himself to compete against anybody until he has a chance at the title. Jericho says that he's done with her and the real McMahon is back next week and nothing she does matters. Steph says she's still in charge, and after Jericho taunts her, she pulls him out of the Rumble, will not compete for the title again. Jericho says he doesn't give a damn. Stephanie fires him. Security is escorting Jericho out of the building. Match #1: Rey Mysterio vs The Miz. Mysterio pins Miz and then once again Mike Knox attack Mysterio, but this time Mysterio manages to fight back. Candice Michelle is talking to CM Punk. But he has his earphones in and wasn't listening to her. Match #2 for the Intercontinental Championship: If Regal is disqualified he loses the title. CM Punk vs William Regal w/Layla. Regal wins by DQ. (The ref believed that Punk hit a low blow) Mickie James is talking to Cody Rhodes about the snow. Then Sim Snuka & Manu confront Rhodes. Manu tells him that they're going after Randy Orton tonight and Rhodes needs to pick which side he's on. Then Snuka tells them that they've got backup, and it's a 2nd generation superstar. Todd Grisham interviews William Regal. Stephanie McMahon then comes up and tells him that next week he will once again defend the IC title against CM Punk in a no DQ match. Hall of Fame induction announcement: Stone Cold Steve Austin. JBL gives more orders to Shawn Michaels. Match #3: Kane vs Randy Orton w/Cody Rhodes. Orton pins Kane (eventhough Kane's shoulder was up. Kane hunts down the ref) Snuka & Manu come out with Ted DiBiase. The three get in the ring surrounding Orton, then Rhodes gets in….but DiBiase attacks Snuka. Orton, Rhodes & DiBiase attack Manu & Snuka. Todd Grisham interviews John Cena. Match #4: Melina & Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall. Rosa Mendez attacks Melina in the aisle. While security takes Rosa away, Beth & Jillian attack Melina. The match did not happen. Orton, Rhodes & DiBiase are together as the Legacy. DiBiase brings up the Rumble, and Orton says that there can only be one winner. Jamie Noble, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust and Cryme Tyme are outside Stephanie's office waiting to get there chance to be in the Rumble. Santino Marella comes out and says he's in and he'll see them at the Rumble, maybe not all of them. Dolph then introduces himself to Noble, and Noble doesn't care. Match #5: John Cena vs Shawn Michaels w/JBL. Michaels pins Cena.

  • Released: Jan 01, 1970
  • Runtime: 00:130:14 minutes
  • Genre: Reality
  • Stars: Matt Polinsky, James Smith, Bryan Kelly
  • Network: USA Network, Spike, WWE Network, The New TNN

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