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Poster WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 52 : RAW 709 2022

WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 52 : RAW 709 2022

Match #1: Evan Bourne vs Ted DiBiase Match #2: Mark Henry vs Cody Rhodes Match #3: Kelly Kelly vs Maryse Match #4: for the United States Championship: Kofi Kingston vs The Miz Match #5: DX vs The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero Match #6: for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs Sheamus Full Recap Chris Jericho is outside and wants the fans to sign a petition to let him back on Raw. John Cena comes to the ring, sets up a table and talks about how Sheamus won the WWE Championship and that he gets his rematch right now, and he wants it to be a tables match. Sheamus comes down and says that putting Cena through a table is not a challenge and he's going to beat Cena one on one and the last image of 2009 will be Sheamus holding the title. Sheamus goes to leave and Cena jumps him and puts Sheamus through the table. It's time for guest host Timbaland to waste time with the Divas. Josh Matthews interviews Timbaland about what happened between Cena & Sheamus & Timbaland says the match will still happen. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase are talking about the Marine 2 when the meet Randy Orton, who tells them it's time to break up Legacy because last week three guys with nothing in common beat them and it seems like they're utter failure. Cody wants to know how many times Orton would be champ without them and Ted says Orton should be thanking them. Orton tells them that if they lose their match they will be out of Legacy. Jericho is outside still complaining. Match #1: Evan Bourne vs Ted DiBiase. (Randy Orton sat at ringside to watch) DiBiase pins Bourne. Match #2: Mark Henry vs Cody Rhodes. Rhodes pins Henry. Jillian is trying to get in to see Timbaland, meanwhile, Triple H is taping Hornswoggle to a skateboard. H wants to know why Shawn is so serious and Shawn is worried about whether Bret Hart will be guest host. Shawn leaves, then H tosses Hornswoggle into Jillian. Match #3: Kelly Kelly vs Maryse. Maryse pins Kelly. Jericho is still complaining outside when the Big Show walks up and tells him to let it go. Vince McMahon comes to the ring to address the rumors of Bret Hart being guest host. Vince says that Bret doesn't deserve it and will never be guest host. Then Shawn Michaels comes down to tell Vince that he wants The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but Vince won't make the match and Shawn will have to make it happen. Shawn then says prove that he isn't afraid of Bret and Vince should bring closure to the animosity and bring Bret Hart back to Raw. Michaels keeps egging on Vince until he relents and says that Bret will be next week's guest host. Josh Matthews interview John Cena, briefly, as Sheamus jumps Cena. MVP is with Timbaland and Kofi comes in, followed by the Miz and it goes on a long time….really. Match #4: Kofi Kingston vs The Miz. Kofi pins Miz. Match #4b for the U.S. Championshop: Kofi Kingston vs The Miz. Kofi wins via DQ when Randy Orton attacks him. Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton. Match #5: DX vs The Big Show & Chavo Guerrero. (Chris Jericho came to ringside with a ticket) H pins Chavo after Chavo gloated about beating up Hornswoggle. Match #6 for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs Sheamus. Cena wins via DQ.

  • Released: Jan 01, 1970
  • Runtime: 00:130:14 minutes
  • Genre: Reality
  • Stars: Matt Polinsky, James Smith, Bryan Kelly
  • Network: USA Network, Spike, WWE Network, The New TNN

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