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Poster WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 18 : RAW 675 2022

WWE Raw - Season 14 Episode 18 : RAW 675 2022

1. Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon 2. Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston 3. You Win, You're In If Cody wins, he joins Randy Orton at the main event, if MVP wins, he joins Shane McMahon at the main event. Cody Rhodes vs. Montel Vontavious Porter 4. Women's Match Mickie James vs. Maryse 5. You Win, You're In If Ted wins, he joins Randy Orton at the main event, if Batista wins, he joins Shane McMahon at the main event. Batista vs. Ted Dibiase 6. Carlito vs. The Bryan Kendrick 7. 3 on 1 Handicap Match Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase vs. Shane McMahon Match #1: Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton. The match never officially began as Shane McMahon jumped Orton from behind and brawled into the crowd. McMahon had Orton on a table and was prepared to jump from the top rope when Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase hit the ring and attacked McMahon. As soon as Orton jumped in, MVP came down to help out, but was soon thrown out of the ring. Then Batista arrived and the Legacy scattered. Raw GM Vickie Guerrero came out and screeches that Orton vs McMahon will happen, and that since everyone want to get involved, they will have to earn their way in. Batista will face Ted DiBiase, MVP will face Cody Rhodes and whoever wins can join either Shane or Orton. Match #2: Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy. Kingston pins Hardy. After the match, Hardy hits Kingston with his cast. Santino Marella is talking with Kelly Kelly and makes a Swine Flu joke at Vickie Guerrero's expense. Chavo Guerrero comes up from behind and tells him not to make fun of him or Vickie. Santino then makes pig noises. Big Show wants Vickie to give him a match with John Cena. Vickie tells him that Cena is not cleared to wrestle for at least two weeks, so instead she makes a match between them for Judgment Day. MVP is getting ready when the Bella Twins come up and say they saw him on The View and then ask him out on a date. Match #3: MVP vs Cody Rhodes. William Regal was at ringside for commentary. Rhodes wins via countout when William Regal interferes while the referee wasn't looking. Jerry Lawler is in the ring for a sing off between Jillian Hall & Festus. Festus wins. While Festus is standing in the ring catatonic, the Miz comes down and once again challenges John Cena. Miz yammers on and on, even through the commercial break, and finally Cena comes down, but before Cena can confront the Miz, The Big Show comes down and beats him up. For nor sane reason, Jared the Subway Guy is guest ring announcer. Match #4: Mickie James vs Maryse. Mickie pins Maryse. Match #5: Batista vs Ted DiBiase. DiBiase wins via DQ. Chavo is talking to Vickie about how to keep MVP & Batista away from the handicap match/ Match #6: Carlito w/Primo Colon vs THE Brian Kendrick. Carlito pins Kendrick. Recap of MVP on the View. Batista tries to apologize to Shane McMahon. Match #7: Handicap: Shane McMahon vs The Legacy. No winner was announced, but apparently Shane wins via DQ. After the match, or during, the smash Shane's ankle against the ring steps.

  • Released: Jan 01, 1970
  • Runtime: 00:130:14 minutes
  • Genre: Reality
  • Stars: Matt Polinsky, James Smith, Bryan Kelly
  • Network: USA Network, Spike, WWE Network, The New TNN

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